We specialize in exterior and interior upholstery; including chesterfield.
Redesigned or as original: Deck cushions, cockpit seating, tender seats, upholstered (bulkheads) and ceilings, control bridge panels, mattresses and head boards.. etc.


Awnings, spray dodgers, enclosures/campers, booms, sail covers, biminis, privacy curtains aft and sides, covers for outdoor & indoor seating, consols …just a few examples of what we can offer.
For all these jobs and more, we have a selection of top quality nautical materials to choose.


Design and colour chosen by the client for us to fabricate and assemble.
Finished with edging, fitted and covered to protect, (optional).
Underlay used for comfort and durability or non-slip underside for safety.
All this design in mind for the client.

Cars Custom Design

Upholstery of seats, ceilings, panels, sides, change of carpets, manufacture of hoods. Repairs and cleaning of interior in general.


Every aspect of work is made with the clients approval.

Completed Work

Each job has a story “before and after” with a professional finish.